Madison Avenue meets Cannabis Co-op


By Travis Mayfield

I opened The Seattle Weekly on Saturday and came to a sudden halt when I saw the advertisement.

It features a ‘sexy nurse’ holding a giant clipboard.

Clipped onto the clipboard is a menu featuring choices like, ‘Stimulus Package' 'Chronic Haze' and 'Red Skunk.'

At the top of the ad it reads, “Seattle Cannabis Co-op.”

I keep up on the news (obviously, this is where I work) but even I was a little surprised to see this ad.

The medical marijuana debate continues to rage and after the end of the current legislative session many cops, prosecutors and co-op owners are complaining things are even murkier then when the session started.

The argument from cops I know has been that medical marijuana is just a cover for legalized drug dealing.  The counter argument from the co-op folks has been that they provide real medicine for very sick people.

After showing this ad to a friend he scratched his head.

“This doesn’t look like an ad for any pharmacy I’ve ever seen?” he said.

Another friend countered that.

“Still sex sells,” he said. “Why not advertise your co-op this way if it works?”

This ad did make me stop.  It did spark a conversation.  I am now writing about it and reposting it to the TopLine blog.

Which just reminds me of what one of my favorite communications professors used to say in college.

“All PR is good PR…and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because that is bad PR."

Top Line


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