Carlson for Carlson Seahawks swap? (Nothing to see here folks)


Left, KOMO Newsradio host John Carlson (not a pro football player, ever). Right, Seahawk tight end John Carlson (not a radio host, yet).

By Travis Mayfield

Earlier this week coach Pete Carol announced Seahawks tight end John Carlson would need shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and would miss the entire 2011 season.

Now a new possible replacement name has surfaced (though not from me).

“I think we can have a seamless transition from one John Carlson to the other,” said KOMO Newsradio host John Carlson today during his show (despite Ken Schram blowing raspberries at the same time).

Carlson first broached the possibility of taking over for the injured Seahawk during a live interview recently with Seattle Times sports columnist Jerry Brewer (though suspiciously there is an 18-minute-gap in that day’s aircheck tape).

“And my vague recollection is that he was very excited and enthusiastic about it,” said Carlson (I thought about Tweeting Jerry’s wife who I went to school with and have her ask him just how vague this recollection really was, but then I got bored and didn’t).

“I was on the phone to the front office today and my vague recollection is that they too were excited,” added Carlson (I can’t even pretend to have thought about tweeting anyone about this claim, I’m just assuming by the’ front office’ Carlson mean’s he called his wife in their home office and she laughed at him.)

Carlson has three arguments in support of this ‘John swap.’

#1 Coach Carol wouldn’t have to change the roster

#2 Carlson already has a ‘John Carlson’ jersey and he’s glad to wear that to games

#3 Carlson doesn’t expect to start, at least right away.

(So basically Carlson, famed for his conservative politics, is proposing a conservative solution. No roster change, he’ll wear his own jersey to the Clink, he’ll keep sitting in the stands and he absolutely won’t use a penny of stimulus funding in creating this new ‘private sector’ job.)

“I’d just be filling in and since I have a day job here I wouldn’t have time to practice full time anyway. But I’m ready,” said Carlson. “Well, I’m not quite ready, but I’m getting ready.”

(the appropriate snarky comment here I believe is simply a ‘go Seahawks’)


Editor’s note: for anyone who still believes KOMO’s John Carlson is serious about this idea, you certainly didn’t get that notion from me. You are welcome to visit John’s Facebook page though and ask him yourself!

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