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KOMO editor Joe Wren will take you back through the video archives for a look at interesting people, places and events of the past.

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Joe's Vault: Sir Paul is back in town!

Paul McCartney and his band perform at Safeco Field tonight, July 19, a month shy of his first appearance here 49 years ago with a little British band called The Beatles. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Two amazing Husky athletes

The story of Phil Shinnick's jump aired on our "After The Game" show on Sept 19, 2005. It tells of Phil Shinnick's 40-year quest to have his remarkable flight declared a world record. Read More »

Joe's Vault: A look back at coach Marv Harshman

In the nearly 28 years since he retired as the University of Washington basketball coach, we've read that Coach was still mentoring and giving coaching advice up until very recently. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Do you know this young KOMO 'reporter'?

I was digging through the Vault recently and found this gem from Sept 5, 1986. Read More »

Joe's Vault: The sentimental side of Ken Schram

Today's selection from the Video Vault is something that may surprise those of you that have seen Ken Schram only in his role as commentator these last 15 years or so. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Remembering JP Patches

I am a Patches Pal, and have been for over 45 years. So you know I'm of a certain age. And I join thousands upon thousands of Patches Pals older than I and far, far younger in mourning the death of JP Patches. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Live from the L.A. riots

KOMO's Bob Throndsen and photographer Rick Jewett flew south on the morning of April 30, 1992 and hit the ground running Read More »

Joe's Vault: Starbucks takes on the nation

I thought it would fun for all you coffee drinkers to take a look at a time when Starbucks just sold coffee beans and had been purchased by Il Giornale coffee shops. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Betty Ford in Seattle

With the passing of Betty Ford last Friday, it seemed appropriate to reach into the vault for this interview with the former First Lady. Read More »

Joe's Vault: A look back at McNeil Island Corrections Center

Today's vault presentation aired September 10, 1979, when the penitentiary was well on the way to being closed. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Nisqually quake, 10 years ago

Watch KOMO's report from the day the Nisqually earthquake shook Western Washington in 2001. Read More »

Joe's Vault: 30 years ago, Seattle reacts to Lennon's death

Thirty years ago today, Seattle and the rest of the world was reacting to the news from the night before of the murder of John Lennon. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Making a giant Boeing plant disappear

Today we take a look at the historic Boeing Plant 2, which was camouflaged during WWII to make the plant appear from the air as though it were a residential neighborhood. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Saying goodbye (good riddance?) to the Kingdome

Ten years ago Friday, the quiet of a downtown Sunday morning was broken by the explosions that brought the Kingdome down. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Favorite moments with Steve Pool

You know him as the weather guy, but today we'll look back 25 years to see some of Steve Pool's favorite feature reports. Read More »

Joe's Vault: N30 protests, 10 years later

Ten years ago, thousands of protesters converged on downtown Seattle with the intention of protesting the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Live from Berlin

It was 20 years ago today when the Berlin Wall came crashing down. KOMO's Kathi Goertzen was there for the huge celebrations that followed. Read More »

Joe's Vault: The beginning of the toilet paper 50-pack

In September, 1983, Costco opened its first discount warehouse in Seattle. More than 26 years later, customers are still stocking up on gigantic jars of mayonnaise, boxes of jerky and discount electronics. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Looking back at back to school

Check out KOMO's coverage of the first days of school in the Puget Sound area from 1967 and 1977. You'll even get a look at Ken Schram's early fashion sense. Read More »

Joe's Vault: Beatlemania in the Emerald City

Forty-five years ago today, the Fab Four touched down in Seattle, sparking a frenzy from young fans who mobbed concerts, motorcade routes and any other place they could catch a glimpse of The Beatles. Read More »

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YouNews Sunset Beach, Oak Harbor Sunset Beach, Oak Harbor
I took this photo tonight at 4:37. Just a calm and beautiful day on the Salish Sea.
YouNews Bordeaux & Paris Bordeaux & Paris

This is my UW daughter and her weekly video from Paris......I think she does a great job and would like to share with others.......especially touching seeing video of where the attacks happened and her feelings....a future news caster...