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Ray Ramsey
I was thinking about my youth recently and a name - and face - popped suddenly into my head. His name is Ray Ramsey.

Before Steve Pool was our weathercaster, there was Ray. For 20 years, Ray came into Seattle homes and spoke of all things weather… in Ray's inimitable style.

You see, Ray was exactly the same in person as he was on-air. He was the most energetic man, with the funniest patter, that I believe I've ever met. When you were around him, you just had to listen to him.

He regaled you. Stories, one-liners, a sucker (he like to hand out See's suckers), all done as he was in motion. The man looked like he was in motion when he was sitting reading the newspaper.

If you never saw him, I hope our Vault offering today gives you a decent glimpse of what it was like to have Ray in our lives. He was an institution. If you remember him, I hope this triggers pleasant memories.

Our offering today is from Ray's last day on Channel 4, September 6, 1985. First is the tribute to him at 5 p.m., and his last moments on KOMO at 6:30.

You'll see other familiar faces, especially if you're long-time KOMO watchers. Kathi Goertzen is there, of course, as is Steve Pool, on the eve of taking over Ray's job, a job Steve's been doing well for over 23 years. And you'll also see Bruce King and Bill Brubaker.

Again, if you never saw him, I hope you enjoy meeting Ray. If you remember, enjoy your reunion. And Ray, I hope you're well and still loving the ponies!

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