Joe's Vault: Beatlemania in the Emerald City

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SEATTLE -- Can you believe it's been 45 years since The Beatles stormed the United States?

On August 21st, 1964, they conquered Seattle. It's difficult to explain to those who weren't alive then, but the frenzy caused by the bands of the British Invasion, particularly the Beatles, was monumental.

The Fab Four were the centerpoint of a most perfect confluence of music and culture, something that likely will never be seen again.

Sure, we've seen glimpses of that kind of frenzy in the decades since, even now with the Jonas Brothers, for example, but they pale in comparison. No act has ever touched the Beatles in terms of their impact on society, music, and arguably, popularity.

And the moptops ruled the world stage for only six years before disbanding and sharing their music with the world as individuals. Only two are left now, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, both men technically considered "senior citizens."

In a way, though, they will never be old, seen forever as members of the Greatest Band Ever and a shining light for a generation that came of age in the '60s and '70s. Their music lives on.

In November of 1995, Eric Slocum and I put together a five-part series on the Beatles, in conjunction with the airing of "The Beatles Anthology" on ABC. Today's Vault presentation was part three in that series, airing November 21, 1995. We tell the story of the Beatles arriving in Seattle and the frantic response to them and to everything they touched.