John Carlson Sample Ballot 2010

Your ballot will begin with ballot measures, followed by the US Senate and Congressional races, legislative recommendations for almost every district in the state, a couple of county campaigns, and judicial positions, limited to the State Supreme Court and the State Court of Appeals.

Initiative 1053. Reinstate two-thirds majority of legislature to raise taxes: Yes

Initiative 1082. Allow private competition for Workers Comp insurance: Yes

Initiative 1098. Would impose an evil income tax: No

Initiative 1100. Replaces state booze monopoly with free market: Yes

Initiative 1105. Does what 1100 does, but requires distributors: No

Initiative 1107. Ends new taxes on candy, pop and bottled water: Yes

Referendum 52. Breaks bond ceiling for “green building” program: No

SJR 8225 (Constitutional amendment). Allow more debt: No

SJR 4220 (Constitutional amendment). Tougher bail rules for violent crooks: Yes

King County Charter Amendment #1. Expand definition of county govt: No

King County Charter Amendment #2. Remove duplication in disclosure rules: Yes

King County Charter Amendment #3. More authority for Sheriff with unions: Yes

Proposition # 1. Raise sales tax: No, Big Time No.

US Senator: Dino Rossi
Congress, 1st District: James Watkins
Congress, 2nd District: John Koster
Congress, 3rd District: Jaime’ Herrera
Congress, 4th District: Richard “Doc” Hastings
Congress, 5th District: Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Congress, 6th District: Doug Cloud
Congress 7th District: No one worth voting for
Congress 8th District: Dave Reichert
Congress 9th District: Dick Muri

State Offices

State Legislature

District 1 (Bothell – Lynnwood)
House Pos. 1: Dennis Richter
House Pos. 2: Heidi Munson

District 2 (Orting, Graham, Eatonville)
House Pos. 1: Jim McCune
House Pos. 2: J.T. Wilcox

District 3 (Downtown Spokane)
House Pos. 1: Dave White
House Pos. 2: Morgan Oyler

District 4 (Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake)
House Pos. 1: Larry Crouse
House Pos. 2: Matt Shea

District 5 (Issaquah, North Bend)
House Pos. 1: Jay Rodne
House Pos.2: Glenn Anderson

District 6 (Spokane, Airway Heights, Deer Park)
Senator: Michael Baumgartner
House Pos. 1: Kevin Parker
House Pos.2: John Ahern

District 7 (Stevens, Ferry and Okanogan county)
Senator: Bob Morton
House Pos. 1: Shelly Short
House Pos.2: Joel Kretz

District 8 (Tri-Cities, mostly Benton County)
Senator: Brad Anderson
House Pos. 1: Brad Klippert
House Pos. 2: Larry Haler

District 9 (Whitman and Franklin counties)
House Pos. 1: Susan Fagan
House Pos. 2: Joe Schmick

District 10 (Island County, Whidbey Island)
House Pos. 1: Norma Smith
House Pos. 2: Barbara Bailey

District 11 (South Seattle, Burien, Sea-Tac)
House Pos. 2: John Potter

District 12 (Wenatchee, Chelan)
House Pos. 1: Cary Condotta
House Pos. 2: Cliff Courtney

District 13 (Ellensburg, Grant county)
House Pos. 1: Janea’ Holmquist
House Pos. 2: Bill Hinkle

District 14 (Yakima county)
House Pos. 1: Norm Johnson
House Pos. 2: Charles Ross

District 15 (Yakima and Skamania counties)
Senator: Jim Honeyford
House Pos. 1: Bruce Chandler
House Pos. 2: David Taylor

District 16 (Walla Walla)
House Pos. 1: Maureen Walsh
House Pos. 2: Terry Nealey

District 17 (Part of Clark County, near Oregon)
House Pos. 1: Brian Peck
House Pos. 2: Paul Harris

District 18 (Clark and Cowlitz counties)
House Pos.1: Ann Rivers
House Pos. 2: Ed Orcutt

District 19 (Pacific county)
No recommendations

District 20 (Centralia-Chehalis)
House Pos. 1: Richard DeBolt
House Pos.2: Gary Alexander

District 21 (Edmonds, Mukilteo)
Senator: David Preston
House Pos.1: Ed Borey
House Pos.2: Elizabeth Scott

District 22 (Olympia)
House Pos. 1: Jason Hearn
House Pos. 2: No recommendation

District 23 (Bainbridge Island, Kingston)
House Pos. 1: Pete DeBoer
House Pos. 2: James Olsen

District 24 (Port Angeles)
House Pos.1: Dan Gase
House Pos.2: Jim McEntire

District 25 (Puyallup, South Hill)
House Pos. 1: Bruce Dammeier
House Pos. 2: Hans Zeiger

District 26 (Gig Harbor)
State Senate: Marty McClendon
House Pos. 1: Jan Angel
House Pos. 2: Doug Richards

District 27 (Tacoma-Fife)
House Pos. 1: no recommendation
House Pos. 2: Jon Higley

District 28 (West Tacoma, Lakewood)
House Pos. 1: Steve O’Ban
House Pos. 2: Paul Wagemann

District 29 (South Tacoma, Parkland)
Senator: Terry Harder
House Pos. 1: Steven Cook
House Pos. 2: Jesse Miller

District 30 (Federal Way)
Senator: Tony Moore
House Pos. 1: Shawn Sullivan
House Pos. 2: Katrina Asay

District 31 (Auburn, Enumclaw)
Senate: Pam Roach
House Pos. 1: Cathy Dahlquist
House Pos. 2: Christopher Hurst

District 32 (Edmonds, Kenmore)
Senator: David Baker (a GREAT guy)
House Pos. 1: Art Coday
House Pos. 2: Gary Gagliardi

District 33 (Des Moines, Burien)
Senator: Jack Michalek
no House recommendations

District 34 (no recommendations)

District 35 (Mason –Kitsap counties)
Senator: Tim Sheldon
House Pos. 1: Dan Griffey
House Pos. 2: Linda Simpson

District 36 (Seattle – Magnolia, Queen Anne)
Senate: no recommendation
House Pos. 1: Reuven Carlyle
House Pos. 2: Jill England

District 37 (Seattle –Rainier Valley, Madrona)
Senate: no recommendation
House Pos. 1: no recommendation
House Pos. 2: Eric Pittigrew

District 38 (Everett, Marysville)
Senator: Rod Reiger
House Pos. 1: Hugh Fleet
House Pos. 2: Iris Lilly

District 39 (Snohomish-Skagit)
House Pos. 1: Dan Kristiansen
House Pos. 2: Kirk Pearson

District 40 (San Juan, Skagit counties)
House Pos. 1: Mike Newman
House Pos. 2: John Swapp

District 41 (Bellevue, Mercer Island)
Senator: Steve Litzow
House Pos.1: Peter Dunbar
House Pos.2: Stephen Strader

District 42 (western Whatcom County)
Senate: Doug Ericksen (a rising star)
House Pos. 1: Jason Overstreet
House Pos. 2: Vincent Buys

District 43 (Seattle, Capitol Hill, UW)
Senate: Ed Murray
House Pos. 1: no recommendation
House Pos. 2 Kim Verde

District 44 (Mill Creek, Snohomish)
Senator: Dave Schmidt
House Pos. 1: Bob McCaughan
House Pos. 2: Mike Hope

District 45 (Redmond, Kirkland)
Senator: Andy Hill
House Pos. 1: Kevin Haistings
House Pos. 2: Mark Isaacs

District 46 (Seattle –Northgate, Laurelhurst)
no recommendations

District 47 (southeast King County)
Senator: Joe Fain
House Pos. 1: Mark Hargrove
House Pos. 2: Rodrigo Yanez

District 48 (Bellevue, Medina)
Senator: Gregg Bennett
House Pos. 1: Diane Tebelius
House Pos. 2: Phil Wilson

District 49 (Vancouver, Clark County)
House Pos. 1: Bill Cismar
House Pos. 2: Craig Riley

Position 1: Jim Johnson
Position 5: Barbara Madsen
Position 6: Richard Sanders

Court of Appeals
Division One, Position 1: (western Wa) Kenneth Grosse
Division Three, Position 1: (eastern Wa) Harvey Dunham
Division Two, Dist. Three: (southwest Wa) Joseph Daggy

(no recommendations for district or municipal judges)

County Prosecutors:

King: Dan Satterberg
Pierce: Mark Lindquist
Snohomish: Mark Roe
Clark: Brent Boger