Schram: Hey judge, don't be a child psychologist

Schram: Hey judge, don't be a child psychologist »Play Video
Tuba Man Edward McMichael. (Photo: Scott Eklund / Seattle Post-Intelligencer / 2007)
SEATTLE -- King County Superior Court Judge Mary Yu.

Remember that name.

Last week, Judge Mary Yu sentenced a 16 year old boy to up to 9-months of detention for robbery.

The kid and a group of his pals had assaulted and robbed another teen earlier this year.

Prosecutors were looking to send the kid away for more than a year.

Judge Mary Yu said she had to resist an urge to impose that harsher sentence, but in the end cut him a break because she thinks he's redeemable.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why she thinks that.

This is the same kid who was convicted of beating the Tuba Man to death back in 2008.

You heard me right.

This 16-year-old that Judge Mary Yu thinks deserves to be gently slapped on the wrist is the same kid who did all of 36 weeks in juvie after having been convicted of manslaughter for stomping Ed McMicheals to death.

In Judge Mary Yu's touchy-feely, kumbaya world, justice plays second fiddle to her intuitive sense that a killer, thief and thug is "redeemable."

If Judge Mary Yu wants to be a child psychologist, she should get the hell off the bench.

And if we can't abide the pathetic way she treats criminals, we should take her off the bench.

So like I said, remember the name.

Judge Mary Yu.

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