Ken Schram: Mandatory sick leave the right thing to do

Ken Schram: Mandatory sick leave the right thing to do
SEATTLE -- Seattle is on the verge of becoming only the 3rd city in the nation to adopt a mandatory sick leave law.

A majority of the city council is said to be in support of the ordinance, which would benefit an estimated 190,000 workers who currently either have to go to work when they're sick or lose pay for the time they take off.

Here’s how it would shake out.

Businesses with between 5 and 49 employees would be required to provide at least 5 days of sick leave a year.

Those with 50 to 249 people would have to give their workers 7 days, and those with 250 employees or more would give over 9 days.

Workers would start earning sick leave after being on the job for 6 months.

Many of the people impacted work in grocery stores and restaurants.

When you stop and consider reports that indicate about a third of all food borne illnesses in King County over the past few years were linked to food handlers, it's clear that this new ordinance will have benefits for everyone.

It’s the right thing for the city to do.

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