Ken Schram: Not going to be bullied on my I-1183 vote

Ken Schram: Not going to be bullied on my I-1183 vote
SEATTLE -- More money has been thrown at Initiative 1183 than at any such measure in state history.

All told, over $30 million has been put up in the fight over whether the state should be taken out of the liquor business.

The result has been a battle of media presentations that reflect the special interests of those who support and oppose the measure, which frequently leave the average voter in a quandary over what to believe.

Being a supporter of 1183, I naturally find the spots in opposition to be comprised primarily of bovine excrement.

Designed to scare people into voting no, elements of the truth have been stretched to wafer thin levels by the anti-campaign contingent.

For example, up to the edge of being a lie is the contention that close to 1,000 gas stations and minimarts would be selling liquor, as is the claim that minors would have an easier time of pouring rum into their Coke.

Fact is that penalties for selling liquor to minors would be twice as tough as they are now and the sale of alcohol would primarily be limited to retail stores measuring 10,000 feet or more.

I'm voting yes on 1183 because I think it makes sense at a lot of different levels, not the least of which is that i don't think the state should be in the liquor business.

And I'm not about to let the vote no folk lie and buy their way into changing my mind.

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