Ken Schram: 1,000 prayers for intolerance

Ken Schram: 1,000 prayers for intolerance
SEATTLE -- One-thousand "prayer warriors."

That's the word from Rev. Ken "God told me to smite homosexuals" Hutcherson.

The pastor of Redmond's Antioch Bible Church wants "1,000 prayer warriors" out at Mt. Si High School in Snoqualmie Friday.

He's going after all the kids taking part in the Day of Silence, held in support of gay and lesbian students. (Listen to Hutcherson talk here.)

I guess Hutcherson figures God wants him to teach all those tolerant students a lesson in the finer points of prejudice and discrimination.

Such teachings are right up Hutcherson's alley.

He's all gung-ho when it comes to keeping gays and lesbians under the heel of society's boot.

Given his fight against any and all gay rights laws, Hutcherson obviously has no problem with high school kids being harassed for being homosexual, and no issue whatsoever with them being denied jobs and housing when they grow up.

It doesn't surprise me that he plans a protest in response to teenagers trying to turn back that tide of hate and intolerance.

Reassuringly, it doesn't seem as if the Mt. Si students are even a little intimidated by the blustery Hutcherson.

Good for them.

Not so good for all those prayer warriors.

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