The Schrammie: Score a victory for...what?

The Schrammie: Score a victory for...what? »Play Video
SEATTLE -- It's all about perspective, along with a dash of context.

Some people have it.

Some don't.

So if Clay Olney would quit playing with that social knot he's been working on, I'd like him to come on down.

Clay is the hyper-sensitive, overly politically correct young man who took offense at seeing a noose hoisted over the rope section of a hardware store up in Sammamish.

Clay proceeded to contact KOMO 4 News, who in turn hauled in the head of Seattle's NAACP to confront the manager of the hardware store about the hangman knot display. (Read story here.)

The bewildered manager buckled and took down the noose that had been hanging in the hardware store rafters for some 7 years.

Score a victory for...

For what?

Have we gotten to the point where a hardware store in Sammamish can be bullied into political correctness because a noose is now automatically judged a racist symbol?

Context and perspective.

Some people have it.

Some don't.

I think Clay Olney does not.

What he does have, is this week's "Schrammie", along with a teeny, tiny rope he can use to string it up with.

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