Ken Schram: A fee for bicycles?

Ken Schram: A fee for bicycles? »Play Video
There's a plot being hatched.

Impose a license fee on bicycles.

The idea was floated last week by the editorial page editor at the Seattle Times.

James Vesely hypothesized that since we're already forking over money to license everything from cars and boats to dogs and hunting, why not hit us up for 25 annual bucks for just about every bicycle people buy.

His reasoning is that because local government finances are in the toilet, bicycle owners should step up and fill the economic gap.

Vesely, in fact, notes that cyclists should welcome the opportunity to help government support their activities.

How can I put this politely?

Are you nuts, Vesely?

By your logic, why not license public library cards?

How about if we have people purchase a license to use a park?

I'm betting there are more than a few motorists who would love to stick it to cyclists.

Getting at those two-wheeling freaks who think they should be able to blithely pedal along our streets and trails is a quasi sport in some commuting circles.

Vesely's idea reeks of an attitude that says people are just fiscal dupes.

He laid a mental egg that should never be allowed to hatch.


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