The Schrammie: Flushing away education

The Schrammie: Flushing away education »Play Video
Okay, the economy is forcing area school districts to make some tough choices.

But bad choices make things even worse.

And so it is that I'd like to invite Bethel School District Superintendent Tom Seigel to go get a hall pass and come on down.

Tom-Tom says some 200 teachers will have to go because of budget cuts.

The teacher's union says that number will actually be closer to 300.

Now there's no question that money's tight, but then again, the Bethel district does have $15 million in reserve.

I'm told Tom-Tom's setting aside $1.5 million for when new artificial turf is needed on the football field, with another million socked away in case a boiler explodes.

He's got $4.5 for new buildings.

That's $7 million dollars that I'm told could put about 98 teachers back in classrooms.

Look, it's all about priorities.

And as the Bethel school district looks at jumping secondary classroom size to as many as 40 kids next year, it's clear to me that Tom-Tom's priorities are, shall we say, a tad askew.

So, for flushing away quality education while socking away money for boilers and astro turf, take a bow Tom Seigel, because this "Schrammie" - which comes with its own diploma - is for you.


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