Schram: Of homelessness, intolerance and Ken Griffey Jr.

Schram: Of homelessness, intolerance and Ken Griffey Jr.
How about if I touch lightly on some items I don't want to simply let fall by the wayside without comment.

Seattle's park board said "yes."

The Pike Place Market Historical Commission said "no."

Now a Seattle hearing examiner has intervened and given a thumbs-up to a controversial project to build a homeless remembrance project in the market's Steinbrueck Park.

Quite a conundrum for a liberal city like Seattle: How do you keep the homeless out of sight and out of mind while at the same time being progressive enough to acknowledge such people actually exist?

Meanwhile, out in the so-called hinterlands ...

Mt. Si High School in the Snoqualmie Valley is trying to sort through an incident in which a kid was badly beaten because he stood up for a friend who was being bullied.

Seems some kids thought another kid talked and acted sort of gay.

After several weeks of taunting and belittlement, his friend said "enough."

That friend ended up losing a couple of teeth; had his eye socket broken and suffered a concussion.

Maybe the high school should offer a special course in overcoming the intolerance parents have taught their children.

Finally: Ken Griffey Jr. We know why you left, but we hate to see you go.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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