The Schrammie: A political dunderhead

The Schrammie: A political dunderhead »Play Video
Dave Tipton
Somewhere in the deep bureaucratic crevasse lies a political dunderhead.

Cross your fingers and pray that this man has no aspirations to higher political office.

And with that introduction, I'd like to invite Belfair Water District Manager Dave Tipton to use his Ouija board to predict where the next fire will be and come on down.

It was Mr. Tipton who, in a quest to save the City of Belfair a few bucks on its water bill, proceeded to go out and put padlocks on area fire hydrants.

Mind you, Mr. Tipton thought it unnecessary to let fire department personnel know about this, just as he didn't think it was important to give fire fighters keys to the locks he ordered for the hydrants.

Mr. Tipton says his motive was to protect Belfair's water resource from those that he says have been stealing H2O from the hydrants that he ordered locked up.

A noble gesture until one considers the danger he placed people in by inhibiting firefighters from doing their jobs.

So, for being too smart for his own good; for putting a kink in the hose of firefighters by locking fire hydrants and for endangering people and property with his penny wise dollar foolish attitude, take a bow Dave Tipton, because this "Schrammie" is for you!


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