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KOMO Newsradio Home Last Minute Tax Tips Last Minute Tax Tips(Audio)
Tax day is Tuesday. Lots of tax payers leave money on the table while others make some simple, last-minute mistakes. More from ABC's Richard Davies.
KOMO Newsradio Home Immigration Reform Battle Heats Up Immigration Reform Battle Heats Up (Audio)
Democrats continue to accused republicans of not bringing up immigration reform because of racial issues. ABC News Political Analyst Steve Roberts checked in with Gregg Hersholt on the KOMO Morning News.

KOMO Radio Featured Stories

KOMO Radio Featured Stories

KOMO Newsradio Home The Posse’s on The Symphony The Posse’s on The Symphony(Audio)
The name Sir Mix-A-Lot is synonymous with Seattle, and with hits like "Baby Got Back" and "Posse on Broadway," you've surely heard his work. Now he's teamed up with The Seattle Symphony, to perform one of his hits with an orchestral arrangement.
KOMO Newsradio Home New Book Details Life Of James Gandolfini New Book Details Life Of James Gandolfini(Audio)
James Gandolfini stopped in the middle of his audition for the Sopranos, begged to be allowed to come back later to do it again, then didn’t show up for his second audition. Somehow, he still landed the role of Tony Soprano. Manda and Gregg got to chat with author Dan Bischoff.

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