Local mountaineer captures Everest experience, hopes to inspire others

Local mountaineer captures Everest experience, hopes to inspire others
KOMO Newsradio

SEATTLE -- Adventurous mountaineers find it hard to resist: the lure of the world's highest peak.

Seattle climber Ed Viesturs has been to the 29-thousand foot peak eleven times, making it to the top seven times without supplemental oxygen.

In his latest book, "The Mountain: My Time on Everest" he captures those expeditions in hopes of inspiring others.

"When I reached the summit (referring to his first successful climb in 1987), I was completely alone. All by myself on top of the world. It was truly one of the highlights of my life".

Viesturs' final summit came in 2009

"You know, when I walked away, I kind of felt 'this is probably my last trip to Everest', and I kind of absorbed the whole event".

But the mountain has never been far from his thoughts and hopes new climbers will take the time to learn about the mountain that so many aspire to climb.

"What I wanted to do with this book was talk about the history and all the earlier climbs and what people went through to climb this mountain. There are very gifted, talent people doing amazing things. And I wanted to talk about that because it inspired me when I started to read about Everest as a kid. That inspired me, and hopefully I can inspire others as well."

Viesturs will appear to sign copies of his book "The Mountain: My Time on Everest" at Big City Mountaineers on October 28th.