United by tragedy, community forms 'Rachel's Closet'

ANACORTES, Wash. - They took a tragedy, and used it to help create community.
April 20th, 1999 is the day that 13 people lost their lives in a deadly school shooting.


Among those lost was Rachel Joy Scott.
Rachel is a student who's legacy lives on to this very day, because of the work of heartbroken parents.

For the last several years "Rachel's Challenge" has been sending teams to schools across the country, sharing the mission of compassion, and inspiring kids to look out for each other.
Inspired by Rachel's story, the kids at Anacortes High School helped create a place a student can get a coat, a pair of pants, a shirt.  And it's free of charge, and free of shame.
The Anacortes kids call it "Rachel's Closet."
Watch the video to hear the entire story.