Local woman fatally struck by car to be honored in Rose Parade

TACOMA, Wash. -- A local woman will be honored at Pasadena's Rose Parade for something she never knew she did. A likeness of 23 year-old Rachel Givens will be part of a float in the famous New Year's parade.

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It's a huge honor, says her mom Laura, who says there are a lot of special moments Rachel has given to her, including that phone call a few years back…

"Mom?" said Rachel.

"Yeah 'Rach' are you okay?" Laura responded.

"I just wanted to let you know I made the Seattle Times 'Player of the Year'," her daughter continued.

Laura was silent.

"Mom?" Rachel asked, "are you crying?"

"I'm just so proud," Laura said choked up.

On October 5th, Rachel Lucy Givens was crossing the street, and never made it to the other side. Two days later, Rachel was dead.

Her mother's shining star was taken away by a hit and run driver.

"Even if they found the person who did it, it'd not going to bring her back," Laura Givens tells KOMO.

But the family's tragedy turned to something pretty inspirational. Click on the link and hear the full story, and find out how Rachel Givens kept on giving, even after she had died.