Hubble Celebrates 25th Birthday

In this image provided by NASA/JSC, astronauts Steven L. Smith and John M. Grunsfeld are photographed during an extravehicular activity (EVA) during the December 1999 Hubble servicing mission of STS-103, flown by Discovery. The Hubble Space Telescope, one of NASA'S crowning glories, marks its 25th anniversary on Friday, April 24, 2015. With more than 1 million observations, including those of the farthest and oldest galaxies ever beholden by humanity, no man-made satellite has touched as many minds or hearts as Hubble. (NASA/JSC via AP)

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25 years ago today, the Space Shuttle Discover took the Hubble telescope into outer space. Since then, the world’s most famous telescope has delivered stunning imagery of the universe, revolutionizing astronomers’ understanding of the cosmos and the public’s perception of our place in it. Manda and Gregg caught up with Correspondent Alexandra Witze.