Seattle leads the nation in manufacturing job growth

Seattle leads the nation in manufacturing job growth
In this Feb. 14, 2011 file photo, the front of a Boeing 777 jet stands in a production line at the company's manufacturing plant, in Everett, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

If you're looking for work, you're living in one of the best places in the country to find employment.

A new study has Seattle leading the nation in new manufacturing jobs, thanks in part to the top employer in our area; Boeing. "It's going to be aerospace, it's going to be high technology, a little bit different from what you get in other parts of the country", says Professor Lee McPheerson with the Carey Business School at Arizona State.

The ASU study of new job numbers from January 2011 to January 2012, shows an increase in manufacturing jobs of 7.9 %. Manufacturing jobs are usually considered higher paying positions. "When you are looking at job growth numbers in this environment, anything above 2 percent is striking", says McPheerson. The ASU study of overall job growth for Seattle ranks us 5th in the nation, adding 35 thousand new jobs in the last year, a 2.2% growth. Leading the nation was Houston – up 3.7 %, followed by Atlanta – up 3.1%, Denver – up 2.5 %, and Dallas – up 2.4 %.

New jobs in Washington State were up by 1.49%, virtually equal to the overall growth rate for the United States. Comparing January 2011 to January 2012, U-S job growth was up 1.5 %. The actual number of jobs went up by 1.986 million nationwide.