Big plans for West Seattle's iconic Admiral Theater

Big plans for West Seattle's iconic Admiral Theater
SEATTLE - When it opened, West Seattle's Admiral Theater was one giant screen, showing the top films of 1942. Back in that day, you got your news from either the radio or the Admiral, because television was still a fairy tale.

For the next several decades, the Admiral has continued as a movie house - and these days is a good deal because its two screens show second runs. But unlike it's heyday, beyond the films - she's not much to look at today.

“It’s not because we’re lazy, there’s just a lot financially in the air,” says Jeff Brein, owner of Far Away Entertainment, a chain of local, small theaters, which include the Admiral.

It's a landmark in Seattle, and more importantly, it's a "night out" for the residents of West Seattle.

And now Brein has a plan for the theater's future, including a full restoration. But there’s a lease to work out and a digital conversation must take place.

KOMO’s Brian Calvert sat down with him. Click the "listen" link to hear the story.