The Beat of Stayin' Alive at Showare

The Beat of Stayin' Alive at Showare
Stayin' Alive

An interesting flashback and something new packaged together recently at ShoWare Center in Kent.

The Canadian group Stayin' Alive headlined the show featuring the music of the Bee Gees.

They look and sound like the brothers Gibb.  This is a show where everyone in the audience moves to the beat.

But before "Stayin' Alive" took the stage, new music sensation Lucy Wu from China opened the show.

At age 12 she was selected from 10,000 applicants to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, the highest educational institution for Chinese Opera.

Today Wu is one of the premier Jinghu artists in the world.  

She fuses her opera roots with rock to produce a great sound.  The crowd loved her.

Listen to my story about the show and check out the photos.