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Listen to KOMO Newsradio Dirty Dozen & Clean "15" Dirty Dozen & Clean "15" (Audio)
They are called the dirty dozen and clean 15.Lists that the environmental working group puts together to help consumers know when they should buy organic and when it's not necessary. Dr.
Listen to KOMO Newsradio Natural Allergy Remedies Natural Allergy Remedies (Audio)
Dr. Joshua Rubinstein naturopath at Bastyr University says it's not just mold that can trigger an allergy attack, it's also food. An increase of meat in your diet and foods with high levels of fat and sugar can make your allergies worse.
Listen to KOMO Newsradio New pap smear guidelines New pap smear guidelines (Audio)
It's a decision that effects millions of women!

KOMO's Ana Kelly asks the question, "Are the new guidelines of waiting every 5 years to get a pap smear SAFE?"

The short answer is yes and in fact according to a new study getting a pap smear every year could do more harm then good.