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Is free Wi-Fi more important to your customers than free candy? In case you missed KOMO Radio’s Tech Tip – More and more small businesses are providing free Wi-Fi for their customers. It’s a strategic move that differentiates them from their competitors
Listen to KOMO Newsradio The State Board of Education lowering the bar for scores on the new Common Core tests
The State Board of Education has decided to set a score below the college-ready level as the graduation standard for the new Common Core tests.

The people who designed the Common Core Smarter Balanced exams, say a score of 3 or 4 means a student is ready for college or career.
Listen to KOMO Newsradio TECH TIP (Audio)
What are clouds? Back in the day, a cloud was just something in the sky. Today, it’s the way businesses function. Here are the top reasons for using the cloud