Herb Weisbaum

Consumer Expert

Herb Weisbaum
Herb Weisbaum
Consumer Expert
Herb Weisbaum is An Emmy award-winning Reporter and one of America’s top consumer experts. His reports have been honored by the Associated Press, Columbia Journalism Review, National Consumers League and the Society of Professional Journalists. And we’re lucky enough to have him on KOMO Newsradio every weekday afternoon, 3-7pm.

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The best part of my job with KOMO is being able to help you avoid scams, save money and stay healthy. I’ve been “looking out for you” for nearly 30 years through my roles at KOMO, NBC’s Today Show and as the Consumer Correspondent for CBS News.

Away from the microphone, I’m proud to be a long-time volunteer with the Seattle Humane Society. My wife Debra and I have worked to raise millions of dollars to help homeless animals in our community—something we’re very passionate about. We recently lost our beloved dog Jack and are thankful to continue cuddling with our cat, Casey.

I attended Syracuse University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Television-Radio and a Bachelor of Science in Advertising.

I'm a model train enthusiastic and still have my original Lionel trains.

I started as a Rock 'n Roll Disc Jockey back in the 70's.

And—ready for this?--I know the lyrics to every hit rock 'n' roll song since 1962.

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