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Brian the Movie Guy

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The Most Listened to Movie Critic in the Pacific Northwest!
Marina Rockinger

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Features Reporter
Rick Van Cise

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News Anchor
Manda Factor

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Morning News Anchor
Gregg Hersholt

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Morning News Anchor
Jane Shannon

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Afternoon News Anchor
Herb Weisbaum

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Consumer Expert
Paul Tosch

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Airborne Traffic Anchor
Charlie Harger

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Tom Hutyler

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Afternoon News Anchor
Tom Glasgow

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Sports Director
Nancy Barrick

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Mid-day News Anchor
Brian Calvert

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News Anchor
Art Sanders

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News Anchor
Jon Repp

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Larry Rice

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News Anchor
Jennifer Harriman

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News Anchor, Co-Host, Executive Producer of ‘Inside Out’ with Tami Michaels.