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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink If you want to eat Seattle’s most innovative food, you’ll have to make it yourself If you want to eat Seattle’s most innovative food, you’ll have to make it yourself
Buried in the sub-levels of the Pike Place Market, a group of chefs are perfecting recipes for homemade Starbursts, chocolate bars composed entirely of coffee, and savory ice cream salad. Sound like something you might want to eat? Too bad. These real-life Willy Wonkas aren’t running a restaurant: if you want to taste these magical flavors, you have to make them yourself.
Eat & Drink Seattle food tours
Locals and visitors alike will enjoy some of Seattle's most creative food tours. Tours can include bikes, kayaks, early access to Pike Place Market, or cooking classes. Seattle food tours know no bounds!
Eat & Drink Photos: 12th Goodies (Photo Gallery)
Football food doesn't have to be just beer and nachos...and these sweets from local eateries like Cupcake Royale, Yellow Leaf, The Confectional, Kukuruza Popcorn and Trophy Cupcake. Check out how to let your sweet tooth celebrate the Seahawks too!


Lifestyle Seattle is one of 20 cities on the rise in the U.S. Seattle is one of 20 cities on the rise in the U.S.
Women’s Health and Yelp compiled the first annual Social Cities Awards based on a six-month, research-based partnership to determine 20 social metropolises on the rise in the United States. There were four categories winners placed in: Fitness Cities, Nightlife Cities, Cities for Foodies and Cities for Art and Culture. Can you guess which category we won in?
Lifestyle Photos: City Dwellers at SAM (Photo Gallery)
The new Seattle Art Museum exhibit City Dwellers: Contemporary Art from India is just that. The eye-catching installations (is that Ghandi with an iPod??) call out the duality of modern day India: a city where ancient history and rituals and global consumer culture are equally present.
Lifestyle From a '97 Buick to a 2015 Honda Fit (Photo Gallery)
Linda Jacobs of Port Angeles just won the Western Washington Honda Dealers One Tank Trips sweepstake. While the prize (a brand new 2015 Honda Fit) is a big deal to most people, it's especially so for Jacobs, who had been previously driving a 1997 Buick.

One Tank Trips winners also received Seattle Mariners tickets and multi-day stays at local vacation spots. Of 1,855 total entries, 22 winners were selected.
Lifestyle If you've never been to the Symphony - this is the year to go (Video)
Symphonies across the country all suffer the same PR problem: the misconception that anyone who likes or goes to the symphony is old, and that sitting through hours of classical music is boring. Anyone who has been to the Seattle Symphony in the last four years will tell you that conductor Ludovic Morlot is actively trying to change that misconception.

The Home

The Home 10 items that sum up Seattle décor (Photo Gallery)
MyHabit, the online designer sale site, has been going around the country this summer showcasing certain cities with unique vibes. Our Emerald City is last on their list after Portsmouth, Nashville, Dallas and Palm Springs. Take a look at the 10 products they think sum up the quirky style of our city, and see if you agree!
The Home Photos: Pops of color in the PNW (Photo Gallery)
When most people think about the Pacific Northwest, the color that comes to mind is gray. And while that might describe our weather 8+ months of the year, that doesn't have to be the color inside our houses! Here are some Porch houses who have broken the mold - and gone crazy with color!

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty Photos: Lorna Jane’s Active Living Room opens in downtown Seattle (Photo Gallery)
What is an 'active living room', you ask? According to fitness retailer Lorna Jane, it's a one-stop interactive retail space for the active women where she can move in the exercise studio, nourish at the wholesome nourish bar, and believe that anything is possible! Well doesn't that just make us want to click our heels three times!


Travel North Cascades Highway: A scenic drive and quaint stops (Photo Gallery)
While the sun is still out in Washington, one of the most beautiful trips you can take is the scenic 100-mile-drive on the North Cascades Highway. It’s where Highway 20 cuts across the rugged North Cascades, revealing snow-covered mountain peaks, an abundance of wildflowers, and plenty of quaint shops and restaurants.
Travel Photos: Billionaire's 'superyacht' docks in Seattle (Photo Gallery)
One of the world's largest private yachts docked at Pier 90 in Seattle this weekend after a $500,000 fuel-up. The German-made, 394-foot mega yacht (owned by 42-year old Russian billionaire banker Andrey Melnichenko and his wife) stopped in the Pacific Northwest after leaving Ketchikan, Alaska last week.