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Eat & Drink This Halloween, eat all the BRAAAAAAINSSSSS! This Halloween, eat all the BRAAAAAAINSSSSS!
Put the warhammer down, not everyone who eats brains stepped straight out of World War Z. This week might be Halloween, but there are a few Seattle restaurateurs who know that, year-round, eating brains is far more treat than trick. Instead of running screaming from the zombies, just think of them as dinner inspiration.
Eat & Drink 5 foods the West Coast is just better at (Photo Gallery)
Last week, I talked about the five foods the East Coast is just better at, so now it’s time for the West Coast to shine. While there is a lot of great seafood out here on the West Coast like mussels, salmon, halibut, and more - I decided to mostly focus on what I think we truly do best: Asian food.


Lifestyle Halloween weekend event roundup Halloween weekend event roundup
Whether you're planning on dancing the night away, taking the kids out trick or treating, or handing out candy at your house - have a great Halloween! Here are a couple events happening around town that we think seem like a blast.
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Travel 3 meals to find by ferry
By stepping onto the ferry, you’re leaving something behind. Routine. Commute. Work. Even just a quick hop across from to Bainbridge warrants a glass of champagne when you make it Hitchcock Restaurant.