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Eat & Drink 5 foods the East Coast is just better at (Photo Gallery)
A West Coast girl born and raised, I don’t like admitting that there are some foods that are just better on that other coast. But during my recent trip to Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, I couldn’t help but admit there are some dishes that are way better out there.


Lifestyle Are tattoos considered unprofessional nowadays?
Once upon a time, tattoos were considered "job blockers." Now there seems to be a consensus (from the younger generations especially) that that's not the case. When Starbucks announced it was reviewing it's strict "no visible tattoos" policy, it got us wondering. What are the policies of other local companies?

The Home

The Home Profiling a modern floating home (Photo Gallery)
The annual Seattle Floating Homes Tour showcases local house boats (aka floating homes), and benefits the Floating Homes Association - whose mission is to support and nurture the floating home community and maintain the health of the marine environment. We took a special look inside four amazing but different homes from the tour - here is profile #1.

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Travel Clam digging and sunsets on Washington’s Copalis Beach Clam digging and sunsets on Washington’s Copalis Beach (Photo Gallery)
Copalis Beach has plenty more clams than people, making this small beach town a great place for a weekend getaway. About two and a half hours from Seattle, the town sits near the northern end of a great razor clam bed and is known as the “home of the razor clam.” Here are three ways to relax and have fun on a weekend travel adventure in Copalis Beach.
Travel Penn Cove mussels are a Whidbey Island wonder
Like anyone else who spent childhood summers on Whidbey Island, I believe it is a magical place where teenagers roam free, dashing through the salt air, learning to open beer bottles on the chain link fence of Fort Casey State Park.
Travel Ever wonder what the different lounges in SeaTac look like? (Photo Gallery)
Almost everyone has an airline that they're loyal to - and if they visit a lounge, they usually visit that airline lounge. But don't you ever wonder what the other lounges look like? What else you may be missing? Is Alaska's better than Birtish Air's? And how about those general Port lounges?? you can see for yourself.