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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink Pickin’ chicken: Ezell’s vs. Heaven Sent Pickin’ chicken: Ezell’s vs. Heaven Sent

Is Seattle big enough for two great fried chicken joints? Probably, but only one can be the best. So who fries a better chicken, the original Ezell’s Famous Chicken, or the new joint opened by the original Ezell, Heaven Sent Fried Chicken?

Eat & Drink Delve deeper into coffee at Slate

Coffee is simply a vehicle for caffeine for many people, but for those who love the complex flavors that come from that special little bean, the drink is practically an art form. And for those people, Slate is Seattle’s MoMA.


Lifestyle Seattle's unique off-leash dog parks(Photo Gallery)

Spring is in full swing and that means tails are wagging at full speed all over Seattle. Now that the sun is starting to beckon us outside again, dog owners are jumping at the chance to shake off the winter blahs and unleash their canine companions at Seattle’s 14 off-leash dog parks.

Lifestyle The lost art of letter writing(Photo Gallery)

In the age of the internet, handwritten letters are rare. But when you receive one, it can leave a lasting impression. We take a look at the lost art of letter writing, through the eyes of one of Seattle’s newest letterpress printers, Rose and June Press owner Lyndsey Baldwin.

The Home

The Home Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms Photos: Spectacular Seattle bathrooms(Photo Gallery)

No one really likes talking about them, but these throne rooms are extremely important facets of every house (and usually one of the few rooms that anyone coming over to your house is likely to see). helped us round up some of the more impressive bathrooms around the PNW.

The Home 37% of homes for sale in Seattle metro are unaffordable

A couple weeks ago we wrote about how the average Seattleite needs to be making $59,000 a year to afford a home in the area. We got a lot of feedback that that seemed too high - and you were right. New info shows that 37% of homes currently on the market in Seattle metro are unaffordable.

The Home Photos: Take a tour of Bruce Willis' Idaho mansion(Photo Gallery)

Bruce Willis is selling his 8,400 square-foot mansion in Hailey for $8.8 million. The house, listed through Sun Valley Sotheby's International, features several ponds, streams and a pool with waterfalls. The house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty Take care of your shoes (rain or shine) Take care of your shoes (rain or shine)

We have to deal with a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest, but that shouldn't mean we can't buy and wear nice things - like shoes. We talked with Nordstrom Shoe Shine Manager Brent Perkins on how to take care of your shoes, puddles be darned.

Fashion & Beauty Spring fashion at the farmers market

It’s officially spring, which means going to the farmer’s market should definitely be part of your weekend routine. While it may sound silly to get dressed up for the market, the effortless cool style we all try to pull off is meant for places like this.


Travel SeaTac Airport doubles up on live music

Great news for travelers - live music at SeaTac is doubling up! Port of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork have all come together to create the Experience the City of Music Program, which means twice the number of musicians playing in SeaTac, for twice the hours.

Travel Where do Seattleites migrate in the winter?

We're one day into spring - one of the most beautiful seasons in Seattle (mostly because it follows one of the roughest to live through). We thought it might be interesting to see what the 'hottest' destinations were for Seattleites during our darker months.