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15 crazy food facts about the Washington State Fair

Get out your Tums and put on your loosest shorts, it’s almost time for the Washington State Fair! From fried butter to everything bacon, the fair is a time to chow down on some of the most decadent foods around. Here are 15 crazy facts about just how much food we ate last year at the fair in Puyallup.

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Eat & Drink Welcome to Food Month Welcome to Food Month

Who decided that National Cheese Day was July 4? Or that there needed to be a Pet Rock Day (coming up Sept. 7)? We're not sure the answer, but we want in on the fun. Here at Seattle Refined, we're declaring September to be Food Month.

Eat & Drink Urban Farming: Bastille Cafe & Bar Urban Farming: Bastille Cafe & Bar (Photo Gallery)

Seattle Urban Farm Company (SUFCo) is a local business that designs, builds and maintains beautifully landscaped farms for apartment complexes, restaurants and residences. Over the past two weeks we've taken you inside an apartment complex rooftop farm, residenctial farm - and now we're looking at their farm on the top of Bastille in Ballard.

Eat & Drink A world of yogurt, all made in Seattle A world of yogurt, all made in Seattle

Yogurt meant just one thing when I was young: the slimy white stuff that stood between my mouth and the sugary “fruit on bottom,” described on the side of the container. Now, Seattle's experiencing something of an international yogurt revolution. French, Ethiopian, or Vietnamese, it's time to find your yogurt flavor.

Eat & Drink Nanaimo Bars are WA State's Sweet of Choice Nanaimo Bars are WA State's Sweet of Choice

Don't know what a Nanaimo bar is? First of all - you're not alone. We polled the newsroom over here at KOMO and only about 60 percent of people did. Regardless, it's been dubbed our state's Dessert of Choice in Slate's most recent United Sweets of America post.

Eat & Drink Behind The Scenes At Behind The Scenes At (Photo Gallery) is known worldwide for helping home cooks discover and share recipes for creative casseroles, bacon-wrapped... anything, holiday treats and much more, but did you know the online encyclopedia for virtually every food craving was born and raised right here in Seattle?

Eat & Drink The burger is dead, long live the burger! The burger is dead, long live the burger!

Seattle is a stunningly good town in which to eat hamburgers. However, it’s been a tough week for Seattle’s best hamburgers with the untimely closing of the groundbreaking Katsu Burger in Georgetown and the final service of Capitol Hill’s La Bête. Rather than mourn lost beef brethren, burger-lovers of Seattle, it’s time to get out and eat more burgers!