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Pioneer Square's Pizzeria Gabbiano

Pioneer Square's Pizzeria Gabbiano
Pioneer Square’s hot streak with buzzy restaurants continues with the opening of Pizzeria Gabbiano. (Image: Frank Guanco)
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Mike Easton’s been on a roll for what feels like a few years. His Il Corvo on James Street continues to pack in the crowds for lunch (with good reason, of course) and those good times will keep on rolling with his newly-opened pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Gabbiano.

Pizzeria Gabbiano was announced last winter as Easton’s ode to Roman-style pizza, or ‘pizza al taglio’. It’s different than most of the other pizza places in town in that the slices are rectangular and sold by weight, per the Roman tradition. As Easton mentioned to me last week at a lunch for the supporters of his Community Sourced Capital crowd-funding campaign, by selling slices by weight, you can have as much or as little pizza as you’d like and can try a few different varieties. The Pizzeria Gabbiano crust is a bit thicker than the Neopolitan style, but it’s still light and airy. Easton said that the crust goes through a three-day fermentation process to develop its depth and structure. There should be a few different varieties of pizza available and a few salads to have with your lunch.

The location of Pizzeria Gabbiano is along Main Street in Pioneer Square off of 2nd Avenue South. It’s a few blocks from Easton’s Il Corvo, making it about a five-minute walk between the two restaurants. I suppose that the next time that Aziz Ansari rolls through Seattle, he could add Pizzeria Gabbiano to his list of places to eat. We know he likes Mike Easton’s food, he did visit Il Corvo his last time here after all.

Pizzeria Gabbiano opened this week and the Pioneer Square neighborhood adds another restaurant to its ranks that the diners of the area can visit.

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