Open Shut Restaurants

Open & Shut: This Week In Restaurant Openings And Closings

What better time to open a restaurant or bar than right before the Super Bowl? Guaranteed business all day long on Sunday…and then the rest is up to you. Here are a couple local business taking the plunge this week!


Octopus Bar. This nautical themed Wallingford bar opened Saturday January 25th to a long line that lasted well past 11pm. Occupying the former Wallingford Pizza House on 45th, The Octopus Bar was funded through their Kickstarter campaign in November 2013 and is a collaboration of Liza Danger, Trevor Marsh, and Taryn Tebbs.

Dickey's BBQ. Dickey's announced Sunday via press release that they will be opening a new BBQ Pit on February 6 at 11am in Bellevue. The first 50 customers will receive a gift card for up to $50 and will be serving $2 Pulled Pork Barbecue sandwiches all day. 


Madison Park Conservatory. Seattle Times reports that Cormac Mahoney's neighborhood restaurant will be closing February 15. In an email sent out to customers today Mahoney says "Although, we would have the liked our run to be much longer we are very proud of the past three years and have many fond memories to look back on." MPC will be serving a special Valentine's Day menu on Feb. 14 and 15.  

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