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The Mariners are making it easier to be a baseball fan and wine lover. Thanks guys! (Image: Seattle Mariners / Maryhill Winery)

Just launched: The Seattle Mariners Wine Collection

I never feel more out of place than when I'm ordering wine at Safeco Field for a Mariner's game. In what is clearly a beer-driven sport, the Mariners are making a risky move and launching their own limited edition wines.

It was announced yesterday that they will be partnering with Wine by Design and local Maryhill Winery to create the official Seattle Mariners Wine collection.

The line is made up of 2011 Columbia Valley red and white wines, and can be bought on mlb.com/wine, and in local retailers (and Safeco Field!) soon. 

Wine by Design founder and CEO Diane Karle said it was Maryhill's recognition as Winery of the Year at the San Francisco International Wine Competition that made them a "no-brainer" as a partner for the Mariners.

“If there’s one thing that Major League Baseball and Maryhill wine have in common, it’s great fans,” said Craig Leuthold, co-owner of Maryhill Winery. “It’s a privilege for us to partner with these organizations and offer Mariners fans two exceptional wines that reflect their hometown pride.”
Ok beer drinkers! No more giving me the evil eye or making fun of me when I'm drinking wine at an M's game - it just means I'm more of a fan than you are....right?

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