Zombie Cake

Zombie wedding cakes

The zombie apocalypse has finally hit…weddings.

Mike McCarey is the owner and pastry chef at Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond. Custom themes are McCarey’s specialty – and he has seen everything from dragon grooms cakes to doggie birthday cakes.

One request he’s been getting a lot lately are for...wait for it...zombie wedding cakes.

“After the first couple cakes we really got the hang of what details to ask the bride and groom,” said McCarey. “For example, how much blood on the cake do you want? Will too much offend Grandma? Or do you want to go all out?”

These important questions also include the zombies themselves.

“Sometimes the bride and groom want to be zombies at the top of the cake,” said McCarey. “But more often then not they want to be normal, and have zombies crawling up the sides to get them.”

Other top requests from Mike’s are:

  • Vertigo Cakes
  • Pacific Northwest Cakes
  • Bling Cakes

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