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Gin and tonic tragedy: the lime shortage

Seattle's bartenders are unfazed by the lime shortage, so why are you freaking out about what garnish you'll put on your gin and tonic? Besides, Anu Apte of Rob Roy has the answer for you.

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Eat & Drink DIY: Easter bunny rolls DIY: Easter bunny rolls

How adorable are these little guys? And not that difficult to make (just snip the ears on regular rolls)! Blogger Nicole Bangerter of 'Mom Always Finds Out' has the full recipe on how to cuten up your Easter dinner tonight.

Eat & Drink Roundup: Easter specials Roundup: Easter specials

Not interested in hosting a huge family event at your house this Easter? We get it. Cooking, cleaning, hosting - no thanks. Luckily there are tons of restauarnts and bars out there who will not only be open on Easter Sunday, but are cooking up special menus just for you and your loved ones.

Eat & Drink 5 of Seattle’s tastiest oyster bars 5 of Seattle’s tastiest oyster bars(Photo Gallery)

As the saying goes, it’s best to eat oysters in months that are spelled with an “R,” because that’s when the briny shellfish are tastiest. Since it's April, here are five places to enjoy the shellfish in Seattle, ranging from a quick bite at a fish market to a romantic affair at a modern restaurant.

Eat & Drink Pickin’ chicken: Ezell’s vs. Heaven Sent Pickin’ chicken: Ezell’s vs. Heaven Sent

Is Seattle big enough for two great fried chicken joints? Probably, but only one can be the best. So who fries a better chicken, the original Ezell’s Famous Chicken, or the new joint opened by the original Ezell, Heaven Sent Fried Chicken?

Eat & Drink Delve deeper into coffee at Slate Delve deeper into coffee at Slate

Coffee is simply a vehicle for caffeine for many people, but for those who love the complex flavors that come from that special little bean, the drink is practically an art form. And for those people, Slate is Seattle’s MoMA.

Eat & Drink Tasting Washington - with food Tasting Washington - with food

The focus was on wine at this weekend’s Taste Washington event, but at the Playing Matchmaker seminar, food briefly shared the spotlight. From curry to cuvée, a panel of experts offered tips on how to improve a meal through proper pairing.

Eat & Drink Washington State makes great gin Washington State makes great gin

We've kind of been on a wine and liqueur kick lately, but we can't help it, our local distilleries keep winning national awards! The American Craft Distillers awards were just announced, and seven distilleries in Washington state placed. Most notably, six out of the 13 gold medalists for gin were from our great state.

Eat & Drink Where in Seattle would Aziz Ansari eat? Where in Seattle would Aziz Ansari eat?

With a visit to Seattle coming up as part of his tour, it got us thinking; where in town would this voracious foodie eat? We took his stated likes (Matt's in the Market, Tilth, Salumi) and ventured into other places we could probably find him treating himself.

Eat & Drink Spring brings updates to local menus Spring brings updates to local menus

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of local menus around the Pacific Northwest. Here are a couple local favorites who are mixing things up with new items like Nutella molten chocolate lava cake, fresh halibut, and "AM pizzas"!

Eat & Drink Happy National Macaron Day! Happy National Macaron Day!(Photo Gallery)

Today is National Macaron Day, and that’s the perfect reason to indulge in one (or many) of these delicious delights. With flavors like pistachio, lavender, coffee and salted caramel, you’re sure to find one that pleases your palate.

Eat & Drink Starbucks + Oprah = Oprah Chai Tea Starbucks + Oprah = Oprah Chai Tea

Oprah has been secretly working with Starbucks and Teavana® to develop a tea blend called Oprah's Chai Tea. It will be available at participating Starbucks and Teavana retail stores in late April, and supports youth education.

SPONSORED Eat & Drink Photos: Feast Walla Walla SPONSORED Sponsored:Photos: Feast Walla Walla(Photo Gallery)

Feast Weekend in Walla Walla is an exclusive multi-course, wine-paired dinner and a big party! This year's Feast is April 11-12, and features bites and sips from fifty local restaurants, wineries and breweries. Check out pics from last year’s big event!

Eat & Drink 5 delicious and cheap tacos in Seattle 5 delicious and cheap tacos in Seattle(Photo Gallery)

The quest for the perfect taco can mean stops anywhere from sit-down restaurants to dive bars and food trucks. Here are five taco joints in Seattle that give the perfect combination of flavor and affordability the next time you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food.

Eat & Drink Big Table, big heart Big Table, big heart(Photo Gallery)

The restaurant industry is the largest employment group in the U.S. It can also be the most brutal. Spokane-based nonprofit Big Table has made it their mission to support industry members who are in crisis and need help.

Eat & Drink Dueling Noodles Dueling Noodles

Do you know your hand-pulled noodle from your biang biang mian? Since these two types of noodle are recent arrivals to Seattle, it’s not surprising if you don’t. Here’s where to find them.

Eat & Drink Last-minute chocolate truffles Last-minute chocolate truffles

It's here. It's Valentine's Day, and you have nothing for your sweetie but flowers and a card. Which is fine..but doesn't exactly scream thought and appreciation. Enter the easiest chocolate truffles to make ever. Seriously - head home during lunch, whip these up and have them waiting for your love when they walk through the door.

Eat & Drink New app helps you discover new places in Seattle to eat, drink and dance New app helps you discover new places in Seattle to eat, drink and dance

Ever been stuck on a lazy Saturday afternoon, not sure where to grab dinner or happy hour with your friends? Luckily for you, Sosh - one of the hottest apps to hit San Francisco and New York - is opening its doors to Seattle locals today to help you find the best spots for brunch, new places to grab a pint of beer, and discover dozens of other types of events.

Eat & Drink A Letter from a Beastly Place A Letter from a Beastly Place(Photo Gallery)

We already knew that star Seahawk Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch couldn’t adhere to too healthful of a nutritional regimen since he draws his strength from what he calls his “power pellets”—Skittles to you and me. After watching what else he took in at last Wednesday’s parade, we thought about what his stomach might have to say.

Eat & Drink Drink your inauthentic Polish vodka authentically Drink your inauthentic Polish vodka authentically

Bison grass vodka, as it’s available in the US, is not the “real” thing—like wormwood-containing absinthe, true Żubrówka is not legal here. Now imitation versions without the offending ingredient exist, and at Seattle’s Polish Home Association community center, you can try it in the traditional fashion, alongside excellent Polish food.

Eat & Drink Tini Bigs presents new meatball menu Tini Bigs presents new meatball menu

Tini Bigs Martini Bar, the self-described "2nd Best Cocktail Lounge in Seattle", is introducing a brand new menu, just in time for the Super Bowl. Most notably? A separate menu dedicated entirely to meatballs.

Eat & Drink Photos: 'Beast Brunch,' 'Legion of Boom wings' hit local menus Photos: 'Beast Brunch,' 'Legion of Boom wings' hit local menus(Photo Gallery)

You've had brunch, but have you ever had Beast Brunch? How about Legion of Boom wings? And I bet you've never tried Golden Tate R' Tots. This Super Bowl Sunday, find a restaurant or bar that feeds you only the most special foods for this special day. Remember, it's our duty as fans in Seattle to consume as much green and blue food dye on Sunday as possible. Do it for the Hawks!

Eat & Drink Zombie wedding cakes Zombie wedding cakes(Photo Gallery)

The zombie apocalypse has finally hit…weddings. Mike McCarey is the owner and pastry chef at Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, WA. Custom themes are McCarey’s specialty – and he has seen everything from dragon grooms cakes to doggie birthday cakes.

Eat & Drink Seattle loves ice cream (even in the winter) Seattle loves ice cream (even in the winter)

We have to deal with a lot, living with bipolar Seattle weather. We don't let inclement rain, hail or wind stop our sports game, change our daily commutes, or reschedule our outdoor farmers markets. We also refuse to let if affect our ice cream consumption.

Eat & Drink Bethenny is a Hawks fan (in case anyone was wondering) Bethenny is a Hawks fan (in case anyone was wondering)

Bethenny Frankel, reality TV star, talk show host, and figurehead behind Skinnygirl Cocktails, is known for her signature drinks. She announced today not only that she is a Seattle Seahawks fan, but that she's also dreamed up 'The 206 Pride' and accompanying menu for this Sunday.

Eat & Drink Taco Time offers Champion Chips & Salsa Taco Time offers Champion Chips & Salsa

Everyone is getting behind the Hawks this week, including Taco Time Northwest restaurants. Starting Friday January 31 through Sunday - participating Taco Time's will be offering Champion Chips and Salsa. Also known as blue and green tortilla chips.

Eat & Drink Marshawn Lynch & Skittles team up for a ‘Seattle Mix’ Marshawn Lynch & Skittles team up for a ‘Seattle Mix’

Never before has a candy been so closely associated with an athlete than with Skittles and Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks. And now, Skittles are responsible for more than just Lynch's energy on the field, and joining him to create a limited edition "Seattle Mix" to be auctioned off for charity.

Eat & Drink Dick's Drive-In turns 60 this week Dick's Drive-In turns 60 this week

Believe it or not, it's been 60 years since the Wallingford Dick's Drive-In arrived on the Seattle scene and started satisfying our every taste bud at a surprisingly low cost. They're celebrating all this week with even more steals and deals than usual, so take a nice long lunch break on either Tuesday or Friday and let yourself indulge.