2 pieces that will mix up your spring wardrobe

2 pieces that will mix up your spring wardrobe

It’s time to mix things up. Are you not ready to let go of pants for spring dresses? Yes, it’s sunnier and your winter colder wear needs a little bit of a shakeup. But, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice keeping your legs warm. Here’s a chic day and night look that will keep your legs warm and still look great on a sunny day.

It’s easy to get stuck in the shirt and pants combo. We’ve had a lot of practice all winter long dressing it up and down for any occasion. But, now it’s time to shake things up. So, thank goodness for spring and some of our favorite trends coming back into our favorite shops. It’s funny though, some of these trends and looks have been around for a long time, but you’ve probably never tried them. If you have, awesome. If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to wear these.

You may not be surprised to see overalls as a day option. They seem to get a lot of hype every spring. But have you ever even tried a pair on? Why not? They’ve been a hot look for quite a few years, so there’s a lot of different cuts and looks that you’re bound to find one that was meant for you. Also, this doesn’t have to be complicated. It pulls from your favorite jeans and top combo, adding that much needed twist to make it spring approved. If you don’t want to be super casual take it up a notch by dressing it up with a pair of open toed heels heels, a silk blouse and some statement jewelry. Make sure the wash of the jean is on the darker side and your day look just went to happy hour ready.

The jumpsuit is the other hot piece that still covers your legs, but is a spring favorite. Also, not such a surprise, but have you ever tried one on or worn one out? If not, this is a perfect look to bring into your life. Seattle sunny days quickly turn into cool nights, but we can’t run home and who wants to carry a jacket all day? The jumpsuit comes in so many varied styles, strapless, one shoulder, halter, wide leg, capris and the list can go on. So, there’s a perfect jumpsuit for you to wear to any event, happy hour or just because occasion. Who needs a reason to dress up?

So, next time you come across a pair of overalls or a jumpsuit try them on. It’s the shakeup that your spring wardrobe has been asking for.

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