5 style ideas for you to be Art Walk ready
All of that walking gives you a reason to leave the high heels at home. But just because you decide to wear flats, doesn’t mean you’ve given up the style game. (Image: Color Me Nana)

5 style ideas for you to be Art Walk ready

On the first Thursday of every month a magical thing happens: art and fashion collide in Pioneer Square. If you’ve never participated in the famous Art Walk you’re definitely missing out. Now that you know what you’re doing this Thursday, the only thing left is to figure out is what you’re going to wear.

Yes, February snuck up on us in a very sneaky way, but on the bright side that means that once again galleries, studios and museums will be opening up their doors to the public for Seattle’s Monthly First Thursday Art Walk. Art is a great reason to attend, but the fashion that passes through these venues can be a show in itself. Now don’t get worked up on what to wear, we have some ideas on that. Here are 5 stylish ideas to make you art walk ready.

Find out more about Seattle’s Art Walk at firstthursdayseattle.com

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