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5 ways to wear spring lace on cold days

5 ways to wear spring lace on cold days
Light wash skinny jeans and a light coat s always a fashion do with lace. (Image: The Northern Light)
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Are you dying to pull out all of your spring clothes and feel the sun on your shoulders? Me too. But,to be honest the sun is giving me a headache. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But, when the sun is playing a game of peek-a-boo, how are you supposed to decide what to wear for the day? Have you walked out of the house in a sweater, pants and a long coat, only to curse your decision a few hours later? I think its safe to say we’ve all been there more times then we would like to count. But, don’t give up.Your daydreams of wearing spring clothes is still possible.

One of my favorite spring classic pieces is lace. It’s light, airy and a staple of sun filled days. It’s also a trend that begs to be seen. But, how do you work spring lace into chilly days without the fear of regret? Here’s 5 easy ways to win the weather game with lace.

The sweater and the skirt: The lace skirt is a hot item this spring. You may be dying to wear it with a knotted tank, I feel you. But, we have to leave some of the outfit fun for summer. So, that favorite cozy oversized sweater that you’ve been wearing with your skinny jeans is definitely the better idea. Show off those legs!

Just in the morning overcoat: Don’t pack up your coats! Classic Seattle weather is cold in mornings and gorgeous in the afternoon. So, layer up your lace dress with your favorite overcoat. When the day warms up, leave it in the car and be fashionably ready for happy hour on the patio.

No leg chill fashion: Tights are still going to be your best friend. On most days the sun maybe out, but it’s not warm. So, if you can’t wait to pull out your lace dresses pair it with black or colored tights.

Go with the boots: This hits on one of my other favorite trends, dressing down the fancy with some great shoes. In this case, boots. When Seattle weather decides to grace us with some spring showers your feet will have nothing to worry about.

Jeans & a jacket: You might not be a lace skirt or dress kind of girl. So, I have some ideas about that lace top you’ve been wearing with skinny black jeans. Trade out those black jeans for some light wash skinny jeans. Pair it with a light coat, an army green jacket to add a little color or a fitted trench coat. Those changes take your lace straight into spring.

I used the always fashionable lace trend to illustrate how to leave the house wearing what you want. But, you can really take these ideas and use them to wear some of your other favorite spring trends.


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