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A fashion line inspired by salt

A fashion line inspired by salt
Suk Chai's line SCHAI is inspired by the ultra magnified image of a salt crystal converging with hydrogen peroxide. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)
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You heard that right, Seattle designer Suk Chai has made a line inspired by salt. More specifically, she's used the sharp edges and hard lines to inspire her. She showcased about 50 pieces at W Seattle's Wear Wednesday event yesterday. 

When Chai's son took a zoomed in picture of salt converging with hydrogen peroxide several years ago (see gallery), it jogged something in her. 

After working in fashion at Nordstrom for 13 years, Chai was taking a break - and considering making it permanent.

"I was thinking, 'who need another fashion line?'" said Chai. "There's so much out there, why add another?"

But her son, salt and love of beautiful, timeless pieces convinced her that she had to do this.

"I got to the point where I thought if I didn't create this line, I would die," she said. "I wouldn't be able to breathe."

Years later, Chai's personal line SCHAI is ready for the public. A jacket-heavy collection made with materials like Italian alpaca, leather, and cashmere, Chai plays with her favorite colors: Alaea dust, malachite, wine stain and granite.

"Seattle fashion is all about dressing independently, like matching a $3,000 cashmere coat that will last forever with converse and worn in jeans," said Chai.

SCHAI plays on this, with all the pieces looking a just a little beat up - but in a way that makes them more approachable; keeping the 'chill factor' as Chai calls it. 

What's Chai's personal go-to piece of clothing that she can't live without?

"A leather jacket," she answers immediately, and points to the one she's wearing. "I have three in different colors, and I wear one or the other every single day."

For more of SCHAI, to place order, or keep up with Chai's sure-to-be bright future, check out her Facebook

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