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Spring fashion at the farmers market

Spring fashion at the farmers market
That jean jacket you just bought is perfect for sunny farmer market days. (Image: Kailani’s Korner)
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It’s officially spring, which means going to the farmer’s market should definitely be part of your weekend routine. We are lucky to have Pike Place Market year round, but the other little markets that pop up in places like Ballard and West Seattle really do bring a vibrancy to our city.

I know it may sound silly to get dressed up to go to the farmers market, but the effortless cool style that we all try to pull off is meant for places like this.

On any given sunny weekend day, you will find the markets alive with people. People want to be outside and surrounded by beautiful things. The colorful fruit, vegetables and flowers are a definite draw. I believe it’s the spring color vibes that influence people to have a little more fun with their fashion.

It’s perfectly fine to dress in our usual winter blacks, but that bright dress you’ve had packed away since last year or that new romper you just bought can finally come out to play here.

Now it’s not warm enough to wear a spring dress without a jacket, and a must-have spring staple is the jean jacket. It also perfectly complements anything bright you may want to wear. But don’t put away your winter coats just yet. If you’re a weekend early riser the weather is still crisp, but mix in a pair of colorful pants to spring it up.

How about the shoes? You will most likely be walking for over an hour and carrying all of your finds with you. So, flats are perfect. The hot shoe trend for spring is prints.

Have fun with it. That’s really the essence of the farmers market. It’s a place to enjoy yourself and relish in spring colors. So, break out your dresses, colorful scarves, jean jackets and fun shoes and head down to the farmers market this weekend.

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