Charlotte Olympia: The ultimate cat lady
You've probabyly seen Charlotte Olympia's take on a gentleman's slipper - a kitty flat - around. She stopped by downtown Nordstrom to officially add it to her collection. (Image: Josh Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Charlotte Olympia: The ultimate cat lady

You may be surprised to hear that Charlotte Olympia Dellal's idea for her iconic kitty flats doesn’t solely stem from her love of cats. It’s born from wanting to take the classic gentlemen’s slipper and revolutionizing it into something feminine and fun. There’s that fun word again, but it just fits.

Charlotte Olympia pulls inspiration from old-Hollywood glamour, specifically the 1940’s and 1950’s. So, it makes sense that the kitty flats were first designed for the Agatha Christie “To Die For” inspired collection. Charlotte explains how it all came together. 

“I wanted to create my own version of a men's smoking slipper, as typically worn in those times. I turned the high cut vamp into the shape of ears and instead of a monogram, embroidered a cat's face. The idea was to translate a traditional and typically masculine design into something more feminine, delicate and flirty, like a cat!”

If you’re playful and flirty these are the shoes for you. Charlotte, a mother of three, loves to wear hers around the house. “I can wear them dressed up or down with almost anything and with three little boys in the house, they are the perfect run around flats with a sense of humour!”

But, these are for ladies and little girls who love to dress up their feet. “I think it’s important for women to choose shoes that make them smile and feel special.” I couldn’t agree more. Fashion can be elegant and playful. How can you not have a skip in your step, when you have cute kitty faces looking up at you?

Will this fashion statement ever go out of style? Only when we stop having fun with it. The kitty collection is now part of the permanent collection. The collection is now available at Nordstrom and in a variety colors. These will be especially perfect for spring, dresses and rolled up jeans outfits. 

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