DIY: Dry Shampoo
All you need is cornstarch, cinnamon and essential oils to make your own dry shampoo. (Image: Eileen Chow)

DIY: Dry Shampoo

If you depend on dry shampoos to get you through those greasy days where you haven't had time to shower, you'll know that a signifcant portion of your paycheck can go to these expensive aerosol cans. 

Blogger Eileen Chow has done us all a huge favor by revealing a life-changing secret: you can make your own dry shampoo, for pennies on the dollar. All you need is cornstarch, cinnamon and essential oils.

Huge plus for brunettes - there's a separate recipe for you so you don't look like you're having a dandruff breakout!

Check out Chow's full post here

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