Do YOU have to plan to be beautiful?  Yes!!!
This girl didn’t listen to Tommy-Gene Harlow! Try a spray tan at least 10 days before your event.

Do YOU have to plan to be beautiful? Yes!!!

Who doesn't want to look amazing?

Right now we are in the midst of Red-Carpet Award Season and many of us are…or are wanting to head out of town. It doesn’t matter where you are headed, the rules are the same!

I don't care if you are planning a weekend getaway or just getting Red-Carpet ready for a weekend event, you need to make a plan.

First, things first. Do not get a wax, hair color, or spray tan right before your big day. Let's just say I recently learned from experience.

You will always want to have had the service done at least a month before to see how you will react.
Do you get staining from your hair color? Did you stay red or break out from a waxing? Too much color from your Spray-Tan?

You should be able to answer these questions before proceeding. This will help avoid any "unexpected" results.

Make a mental note and make a plan! What happened with me? Waxing was fine--I know how I react, so no worries. I did decide to spray tan and do color....the night before. I did not make a plan.


I had really bad staining from the hair dye...I decided to do something a little different. Big mistake. Huge. I scrubbed till there was almost no skin left and still had slight staining. This could have totally been avoided had I stuck with my normal routine. I didn't. I know it can take a couple of days for that staining to disappear. What was I thinking? Oh, I really wasn't, thank you.

My Spray-Tan was good overall. Orange toenails, not so sexy, come-to-find-out. I forgot there is a learning curve to Spray-Tanning. I have several mental post-its in my brain from that one.

Think of this as a cautionary tail. Spring and Summer are on the way and there will be reunions, weddings and what-not. No one wants to show up looking like a big-hot-mess. Make a plan, make a plan, make a plan.

And is great to try a new product or beauty service...just not the the day before your big day.

...and stained, orange toenails are NEVER sexy.

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