Don't be afraid to wear yellow
I love that shoes can add an unexpected twist to an outfit. How can you not have a spring in your step with this color? (Image: A House in the Hills)

Don't be afraid to wear yellow

It’s all about the pop. There’s only a few colors that you can rock head to toe. It’s not an easy feat to pull off, so if you’re already hesitant to wear a color just decide to add a pop of it to your favorite outfits.

Here are five ways to have fun with yellow this spring.

The Happy Blazer. Yes, yellow can be professional. It’s an easy way to update your favorite “ready for work” outfits. The best thing about a yellow blazer is that it can easily transition into summer and it will never go out of style.

Sunshine Shoes. I love that shoes can add an unexpected twist to an outfit. How can you not have a spring in your step with this color? Bright shoes may seem a little fashion forward, but it can effortlessly complete an outfit, whether it’s jeans and a white t-shirt or a spring dress.

Dress It Up. It's dresses overload season. You’re going to come across yellow dresses, guaranteed. Don’t shy away. If you’re unsure of this intense color – understandable. So, look for the shade of yellow that is more on the pastel side. Also, look for a dress that is not completely yellow, but mixed with other neutral colors. This will help bring down the intensity without taking away that pop.

The Starter Clutch. If you’re still skeptical of yellow being a color for you, start with a clutch. It’s an easy way to get used to color being part of your life. One thing is for sure, you’ll never lose it.

Pants that Dance. I could probably do a post on yellow pants alone. There’s so many ways to dress them up. Once again, this may seem like a big commitment. It’s half an outfit! But, colorful pants is the easiest way to update and chicify an outfit. You’ll stand out in a crowd in the best way. Your hardest decision will be what top to wear with it because white, black, denim work beautifully with yellow. You would be surprised.

I hope yellow doesn’t seem as scary. Just like every color there are a few shades it comes in, so you can pretty much find one that works for you. Still hesitant? Start with a clutch, but I’m pretty sure in no time you will stepping out in yellow pants. Did the song “Walking on Sunshine” just pop into your head? Me too.


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