Festival Fashion: Block Party Edition
See which 5 trends make our Festival Fashion Capitol Hill Block Party edition (hint: three of them are happening in this photo). (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Festival Fashion: Block Party Edition

Another musical festival in Seattle, another crop top fest. We took a look at the five styles taking over Capitol Hill for this weekend's Block Party.

Crop Tops. These have been hanging around festivals for a couple years now, usually paired with #2 on our list (high-waisted jean shorts). Whether they’re tight or loose, these casual “tops" give off an effortless “whatever – I don’t need a full shirt” vibe. They also are getting smaller and smaller, and will soon probably be replaced by the new bralette trend by next year’s fest. 

High-Waisted Jean Shorts. These are the peanut butter to Crop Top’s jelly, and proof that everything eventually comes back in style. Buttoned up by the belly button, and usually extremely short – you can’t wear these many places other than a casual music festival. 

Headbands. Let’s be clear – we are not talking the preppy, Blair Waldorf-wearing headbands with bows style. In fact, I think the bouncers of CHBP are clearly instructed not to let anyone wearing an old fashioned headband in. No, this is the tightly strung across your forehead headband, Flower Child style. Whether it’s a braided piece of leather, or actual flowers – we see this EVERYWHERE at music festivals. All we can do it caution using sunscreen – can you imagine that burn?? 

Fringe Bags. You know that feeling that something’s brushing up against your leg? Get used to it if you’re carrying a fringe bag – some of the styles out there have fringes hanging down to the knee! Again, a nod to the Bohemian style and often seen in tandem with the forehead headband. 

Long Flowy Skirts. You’re probably confused as to what Seattleites wear to CHBP when it’s not sunny – because let’s be honest, that happens a lot of Julys here. And while many continue to rock the high-waisted short shorts regardless of weather (we admire their refusal to conform to Mother Nature), many opt for the flowy skirt for a little more coverage while still maintaining style. 

Captiol Hill Block Party is located between Broadway & 12th Ave and Pine Street & Union, and running through Sunday. 

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