Julep's new idea makes painting your nails easier
The complete Julep Plie Wand system: Plie wand, extra cap, dotting tool and striping brush. (Image: Julep)

Julep's new idea makes painting your nails easier

It started with a simple idea: painting your nails would be easier (and more precise) if you had a tool that was more comfortable to use. What if you could paint your nails with a tool that is as comfortable to use as a pen or pencil? What if you took it a step further and made this tool's tip interchangeable so you could use it to paint your nails and adorn them with nail art?

This is exactly what Julep, a local company, came up with and took to crowdsourcing to turn their idea into reality. Named the Plié Wand, Julep's new tool is ergonomically designed so that you have more control during the application process and better accuracy. The company tested 230 prototypes until it found one that was successful. The system also includes an interchangeable dotting tool and striping brush.

With this new system in mind, Julep's nail polish line will soon start introducing magnetic caps that snap onto the Plié Wand that will also work with customers’ existing nail polishes. The cost of the Plié Wand has not been disclosed at this point but if you help fund the campaign, the lowest contribution of $19.99 as a Julep Maven (a program you should definitely check out) will reserve one for you.

What is unique and unprecedented about the way Julep is launching the Plié Wand is that they are betting we will love Plié Wand as much as they do with the crowdsourcing campaign. It is not often that we see beauty companies reaching out to their customers in such a way but it seems like the excitement for this product is definitely there.

Julep made headlines with this successful campaign, reaching their goal of $75,000 in a matter of hours. Their customers responded in a major way and since then, Julep has changed their goal and is now aiming for $200,000. They are well on their way to reaching this goal with just 15 days left and over 6,000 funders.

So far, they definitely have their customer's attention and have them looking forward to the release of this new system in May. How many times have you done your nails and had to clean up your cuticles afterwards? Now imagine doing your nails using the Plié Wand. I can already envision myself reaching for the acetone for clean up much, much less.

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