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Have fun with fashion: Pants that pop

Have fun with fashion: Pants that pop
Take that outfit from winter to summer with a brightly colored pant. (Image: Thinkstock)
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You don't always have to go outside the box in order to mix things up. You also don't have to buy a whole new outfit to be ready for the new season. So, what piece of fashion can do this all for you? Colorful pants!

It's one of my favorite ways to instantly switch a winter outfit to a spring one. Nowadays pants come in all colors, so if you're not a person who likes yellow pants, then there's a green pair waiting for you too. It may not seem like such a revelation, but after being in black and grey for the past few months it's easy to forget how to bring color back into your everyday look.

It's also a great way to embrace spring without freezing your legs off. I know the sunny days we've been experiencing has us all craving skirts and dresses, but it's still a little too windy for that. Now how do you work a pair of vibrant pants into your day and night look? Easy.

If you're looking to work a lively pair of pants into your day outfit, you don't have to do much. In fact, you can pick any winter outfit and switch out the black pants to a color of your choosing. Coral, red, blue, yellow or orange pants all look great when paired with denim shirts, large grey sweaters and even your favorite black tops. Now, here's the fun part. Our days are getting longer, which means getting dressed to go out doesn't have to mean all black.

We already established that your favorite black tops can work with practically any pair of colored pants, so how do you wear them on a night out? It's all about the shoes. Yes, spring sandals look great with colorful pants, but so do black strappy heels. So, before you decide to go with blue or black jeans, take a moment and consider just how much fun you can have by choosing to wear blue or maybe mint or maybe green or maybe red pants instead. 

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