Sneak Peek: BEVÉE, a new luxury handbag line
BEVÉE's trifold sidekick is one of two styles they unveiled at the party, with colors like hemlock, stone, sky, orchid, indigo, tan, black and cream available. (Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Sneak Peek: BEVÉE, a new luxury handbag line

Last Thursday Seattle dressed up to get a sneak peek of a new luxury handbag line. Sasha Muir and DT Levy, co-founders of BEVÉE, created this line to offer a handbag that is as brilliantly beautiful and versatile as the modern woman. The Trifold and Continental Sidekick are sure to be gracing the shoulders of ladies everywhere.

BEVÉE, pronounced be-vay, gets its inspiration from the fashionable ladies of the 15th century France, who wore large hats with huge plumes. When gathered together wearing these hats, the ladies were known to look like a bevee - the french word for a flock of quails. So, it’s no wonder that the logo of the line is the quail.

Sasha Muir, founder of Butter London, and DT Levy, an international fashion executive, bonded over their passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. In spring 2013, they decided to take that mutual passion and work together, creating BEVÉE.

BEVÉE comes in two styles, the 24/7 trifold sidekick and the continental sidekick, but with it’s versatility there’s definitely more ways to work it. The 'Wear It, Clutch It, Stash It' motto is in full effect when it comes to the BEVÉE sidekick.

The wallet on the chain is perfect for a woman on the go. It can hold everything you need: a phone, keys and your lipstick. I did the lipstick test myself, it fit in the continental perfectly. The gold chain is removable, so you can take it from day to an evening clutch in two clicks. If you decide you don’t even need that, BEVÉE thought of that too. The sidekick has a detachable billfold for when you’re on the run.

It also comes in array of colors like hemlock, stone, sky, orchid, indigo, tan, black and cream.

The luxury handbag line lives up to its name with the soft to the touch leather and gold detail. It elevates the game with its versatility. In order to stay in line with its overall philosophy, the line will be sold exclusively online.

“Our philosophy is to deliver an exquisite brand experience at each and every touchpoint and selling directly allows us to stay close to our customers.”

Be sure to visit their website to be notified as soon as it’s available for purchase.

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