Summer Fashion goes global
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Summer Fashion goes global

Every season brings a new wave of colors, patterns and styles to the streets - and this summer is no different. We spoke with Nordstrom's Fashion Director, Gregg Andrews, to get the scoop on what's hot this summer.

First and foremost, how do stores, buyers and tastemakers determine 'what's in'?

Mainstream fashion is just reflections of what you see in high end designer fashion - it's just been re-worked and re-designed to bring the price down, and make more wearable for the every day person. The modern day customer is very savvy. Even though they might not be shopping at the designer level, they're shopping the designer style. 

So now the big question - what do you and Nordstrom see as this summer's hottest trends?

This summer is all about global inspiration from Africa and India. Sometimes they look authentic, and sometimes they're more influential, not literal re-dos of prints and fabrics. It's not about dressing in a sari, it's having a mini-skirt that is inspired by a sari. 

How does the African influence manifest itself? What colors and shapes?

Africa is coming in a geometric and native-inspired prints. Zig-zags, triangles, and clothes that look as though they have that artisan, handmade quality to them. Almost as if they are hand-me-downs!

And how about India?

With Indian-inspired prints we're seeing paisleys, and prints with a lot of intricate details. We're also seeing a wide range of colors; earthy tones like black, deep red, and gold. The Indian influences also tend towards being more feminine, like a little gold embroidery as an accent.

I'm assuming this trend is mainly for women - what about men's fashion this summer?

A couple years ago it was stripes, then it was plaid, and now it's late 60s/early 70s themes. We're talking tight print, kind of vintage looking. Faded florals are big, kind of retro-Polynesian, and vintage surfer prints. 

So we're been talking mainly about prints, but what is your favorite color for the summer?

Oh, that's hard. There's this really great palette of blues going around; literally everything from navy blue to cobalt and turquoise that I'm seeing all over and loving.

Take a look at the gallery for some Indian and African inspired women's looks, the surger vintage men's looks, and Andrews' favorite blues. 

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