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The 6 handbags of summer

The 6 handbags of summer
Summer is for having fun - don't carry around all your winter handbags this fun season! Here are six must haves that will help enjoy the sun! (Image: Could I Have That)
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 In less than 2 weeks summer will officially be here. So, of course that means it’s time get your closet ready and pack up all of your winter wear. Goodbye sweaters, wool coats, beanies gloves and boots…but, don’t forget to pack up your winter handbags too. It may seem like they can go all year long, and while most of them can, none of them should.

Here are 6 must have handbags that will bring fun to your sun ready outfits and won’t make you miss your winter handbags... at all.




  1. The Tote. You will be sporting this handbag every weekend during the summer. It will carry everything you need to go to the beach and carry everything you buy from the farmers market.
  2. The tiny crossbody. You’ve packed up your gloves and scarves, so you don’t need a handbag large enough to stuff them into. So, say hello to your new daily, big enough to carry summer necessities like your sunglasses case and sunscreen.
  3. Neon Neon Neon. Don’t forget to take risks with color and the perfect way to do that is through accessories. So, you may not be a neon dress kind of girl, but you may be a neon handbag summer girl.
  4. The bucket bag. This style could be called the casual kid out of all handbags. It has no structure and just goes with the flow. Isn’t that what summer is all about? This will be the perfect companion to flowy skirts and festival flower headdresses.
  5. The fringe. A popular style for summer festivals. And no wonder, no other handbag moves to music like this one does. Lucky for you this year has seen an explosion of fringed handbags in prints and colors, but even the classic black has attitude.
  6. The fanny pack. “Look Ma, no hands!” This little purse isn’t for everyone, but with the reinvention it’s been experiencing another saying comes to mind. “Don’t knock it to you try it.”

When you go shopping for new dresses, sleeveless tops, skirts and sandals, don’t forget to check out the handbag section. And when you start to reach for the classic bag that will work all year, remember that summer calls for fun. So, treat yourself to one of these must have summer handbags styles. Your outfits will thank you.

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