The Seattle frizz
Don't let frizz take over your life this rainy winter. (Image: Thinkstock)

The Seattle frizz

Many Seattleites have heard of the Seattle Freeze, but the real problem lies in the frizz from all this wet, winter weather. Here are five tips for hair survival during these cold months.

Lube it up! Frizz can come into play when the hair shaft isn’t properly lubricated. The friction that comes from the movement causes hair to frizz up, and moisture in the air only makes the problem worse. Silicones are a great step to reduce friction and reduce frizz. My favorite product is a drugstore staple: Frizz Ease by John Frieda. This product is tried and true. Apply a quarter size dollop to wet hair and comb to distribute.

Heat it up. Flat and curling irons can really reduce the frizz, especially when used in conjunction with a silicone. The high heat takes out the moisture and presses the hair strand between metal or ceramic plates to reveal a smooth, shiny and frizz free surface.

Treat your hair. Hair masks (or masque) and treatments are great to use. During winter months the additional use of indoor heat can cause our skin to dry out. The same thing is happening to out hair. Using a weekly hair treatment can add moisture back into the hair and leave the hair more manageable and less frizzy.

Hire a professional. Sometimes it's best to have someone else do your hair. As a professional hairdresser, I know it can take a long time just to get your hair dry. Then you have to go after it with a flat or curling iron. All of this in an effort to control frizz and style your hair. I recommend seeing a professional for a blow-dry. Swink Style Bar in Seattle is a great option. They can get the frizz out, and you can take some well-deserved time to yourself. You will emerge from the salon frizz free.

Cover it up. Sad, but true. Some days there is just no time to primp. Find a great slouchy cap, a really chic scarf or even a bandana and cover that frizz up. This is a better option for a weekend than a weekday, but it does solve the problem in a pinch.

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