Top 3 sunglasses trends for spring and summer
With spring a week away, it's time to invest in this season's styles of sunglasses. (Image: SEE Eyewear)

Top 3 sunglasses trends for spring and summer

It’s safe to say that Seattle has a healthy obsession with sunglasses. We love the sun and we can’t help but show our excitement by continuing to feed our addiction by buying sunglasses at any hint of warmer weather. So, it’s no wonder we were excited about a new eyewear shop popping up downtown. But, let’s clarify, See Eyewear is not your average glasses shop.

See Eyewear officially opened their store in early February and confirmed how they stand out in the crowd. They work with top artisans, collaborate with different frame houses around the world and all of their frames are handmade. This means that they can reinvent themselves, stay on top of trends and be exclusive. All of their frames are made in small quantities that then go out to their 32 locations. You can pretty much count on finding a new style to fall in love with every time you go to See. What’s even better? It won’t break the bank.

Candy Colors
We’ve never shied away from using color in our eyewear, in fact we believe color to be an integral part of everyone’s eyewear wardrobe! This season we are pushing it even further, using glossy high polished acetate in bold colors such as bright fuchsia, chartreuse and candy apple red. Men can get in on this trend too! We love lime green and cobalt blue to brighten up our menswear looks.

Updated Classics
There’s a reason that certain things become classic and never go out of fashion.There are a few iconic eyeglass shapes that will always be in style and flatter a variety of face shapes. This season we are updating these classic shapes by presenting them in gorgeous transparent colors, gradient treatments and matte finishes.

Texture/Mixed material
Texture is a big trend, which gives a frame more depth. One example of texture we are showing for Spring/Summer is a frame featuring frayed cloth incorporated into a rubber temple.

We may have a few days or weeks of rain left to get through, but now you know what style of sunglasses to indulge in to be sun ready. 


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